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About Me

My journey to massage therapy…

I have a strong passion for horseback riding. At the age of seven I rode my first horse and was hooked. I then spent the next 12 years as a competitive equestrian. Unfortunately, knee and back injuries forced me to take some time off.

After trying several treatment options, I turned to massage therapy to help with my chronic pain. It’s now ten years later and I still remember my first massage. I remember lying on the table afterwards and feeling such incredible relief from the pain. It was as if a weight was taken off my shoulders. It felt like I had been given a new body. I was so thrilled to have a new awareness of my body and what it should feel like!

A few years had passed and I was not fulfilled with my career. As I considered new options for myself, I was brought back to massage and how much meaning it brought to my life. I have always wanted to be able to affect positively people’s lives, and massage seemed like the perfect fit.

So after checking into a few schools I decided on the Atlanta School of Massage and five and a half years later I am even more enthused and amazed by the results massage brings! I gain so much satisfaction by being able to help people move forward, and enjoy the challenges of working through different dysfunctions and seeing my client progress. I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you!